What Are Human Tools+Paradigms?

Human Tools+Paradigms are the skills that can transform managers into leaders.


Overcome the issues & dilemmas that commonly affect mission-driven organizations & their boards, such as retaining employees and keeping the mission at the forefront.

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If you are the leader or board chair of a mission-driven organization such as a nonprofit or closely held company, I can help you understand and overcome issues & dilemmas that commonly affect such organizations & their boards.

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How do I best cultivate a ​culture of mutual endeavor within my organization?

  • Mission clarity along with a wholistic focus on mission can help with fundraising, staff retention, and organizational effectiveness.

Do I want to learn how to better drive people and my organization?

  • Inspire others to do what needs to be done because they want to do it.

What is possible when my organization better understands our mission as our product, our clients as our consumers, and society as our customer?

  • A new conceptual paradigm allows you to better communicate the full value of your organization to your clients, staff, volunteers, and funders. ​

How can a growth mindset foster a positive paradigm shift?

  • Access to a full kit of human tools+paradigms will free your organization to adapt and grow and to seize opportunities while facing down challenges.

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